As a Certified Life Coach, Angela is the Owner and Founder of The Mom Exchange, a life coaching company dedicated to helping women who desire more out of life. She understands first hand what it’s like to juggle the many demands of motherhood and feel pulled or drained to stay focused, balanced and or even alive in your own career and life.

"After having my son, I went through my own life transition and realized that I really wanted to do something that had a direct impact on people and the world we live in" says Angela.  So, after researching different opportunities, she felt called to coaching. Angela says:  "I became a coach because I love making a difference in someone's life. I love helping clients clarify their goals and start moving towards the life they truly desire." Angela truly believes we can all have whatever our heart desires and is willing and able to help her clients achieve their success.

Angela and her company, The Mom Exchange, are deeply committed to helping women who desire something more out of life, those seeking a change for more balance, more happiness or just overall greater fulfillment in life. Whether it’s a dramatic change in schedule, or simply a shift in outlook, Angela helps women find the right mix of attitude and tasks to create happiness in their lives.  Her diverse background combined with her compassion and ability to connect and build trust allows for a collaborative partnership with the many clients she serves on a daily basis.

Angela has extensive experience in corporate America and loves coaching women from all different professional backgrounds. She studied extensively with The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), an internationally known and accredited coaching school, where she became a certified professional life coach. In addition to her life coaching certification, she is also a Renee Trudeau & Associates trained Personal Renewal Group Facilitator and leads both telephonic and in person groups for women/moms across the country.

Her academic achievements include a Masters degree in Organizational Behavior and Strategy from the University of Texas at Dallas and an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from North Texas.

Outside of supporting her coaching clients, Angela loves being outside in the sunshine and fresh air, exercising through running or spin classes, traveling to new places (especially beaches), enjoying a good glass of wine and spending time with friends and family. Angela currently lives in St. Louis, Mo with her husband, two children and their dog Pumpkin.